My good friend and I have finally organized an Etsy shop.

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There are still some items to list and  Facebook page to be made. We are slowly getting things together.

It seems are items are concentrated around painting, drawing, and sculptures. But every now and then there could be a few items from left field that enter the shop. You know, just to mix things up a bit.

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Notions #3

So for the past two months I have had three pieces of bark laying on the floor underneath a stack of World Book encyclopedias.

Two months ago our family went for some walks around Toolangi. There was some great bark on the ground that looked perfect for painting on.

Bark looks like it might be difficult to work with. As the bark dries it curls, hence all of the words starting at So - Z that World Book deemed acceptable sitting on top of them.

Finally most, if not all, of the moisture has evaporated and I think it should be ready to go.

The only thing I need now is paint, acrylic to be exact. At least that is what the Google search seemed to indicate.

I think I know what I want to paint on the pieces. I should probably do a few sketches first just to make sure.

There's my notion for the day. Hopefully something will materialize soon.

Suberbly Wordy Fairly Wrens

Often when we are out hiking around Dixons Creek we will see the Superb Blue Fairy wrens flitting about. We love them. They are little blue and black puff balls. Whats not to love?

Here are my versions. Named the Superbly Wordy Black Fairy wrens.

Painting the Psalms: Block two

I have been working for sometime now on a painting of the Psalms. Here are the thoughts behind the painting, taken from our family blog.

I began to ponder what one of the more emotional (to put it lightly) books of the Bible would look like as a painted infograph? And here I find myself with my newest study or research. A painting or infograph of the emotions found in the Book of Psalms.

I have decided to go Psalm by Psalm and write down every emotion mentioned. Then I will assign a color or mix of colors to represent that emotion. Finally I will paint line by line each Psalm with the corresponding emotional colors. So each line is a Psalm and each color on that line represents one emotion. Some Psalms have six or so colors, others only one.

There could be two layers to this painting. The lower layer could be the emotional undercurrent found in a particular Psalm and the top layer would be specific emotions mentioned. For my project I have decided to only paint the later.  I have completed a few tests as well as the background for the canvas. We will see how it goes from here.

Last night I finished block two, so Psalms 26 - 50. It is taking a lot longer than I thought. I get sidetracked on other projects. Now that the soccer season is over I have a lot more time in the evening. I would really like to finish this by the end of the year. Here is what the two blocks look like together.

follow the 010 110 100 trail

One of Chiaki Morita's paper creations
While browsing the internet reading about letterpress, I found a store by the name of Upon a Fold that sells wonderful paper products. Their blog led me to the site of Chiaki Morita, a paper artist located in Japan. More beautiful works to gaze at and find inspiration.


My two daughters made some creature drawings the other day. I decided to try and make them 3-D. So from old clothes that I have been saving for a rainy day these little fellows have emerged. We have several more designs to create still.

Open studios

Two weeks ago the Nicholas Building had their open studio weekend. This event happens once a year for two days. Many of the artists in the building open their doors for several hours, allowing the public to invade their spaces. I can imagine is must feel a bit intrusive. I felt like I was walking around in someone's brain. I am very grateful to those who opened their doors. It allows the public to get a rare glimpse into a room that many would otherwise not get.

One of the studios I visited was Nicholas Jones. He is the book sculptor in Melbourne. I have to say that it was great being able to see so many of his works in person. He has had several exhibitions but I unfortunately have never been able to attend. This was even better than an exhibition because you could see all the works that were in progress as well as those that have been around for a while. You never know what someone will be like in real life. I have to say that Mr. Jones was very easy to talk and pleasant.

So in honor of the Nicholas Building Open Studio event I am sharing photos of my work area. Not very glamorous but here none the less.

Little pieces of art floating blissfully in the sea - Diatoms and Radiolarians

These are amazing. Symmetry abounds.

Diatoms are photosynthetic plankton (microscopic algae) ubiquitous in oceans and freshwater systems. They are a major source of nutrients for marine organisms as well as a major producer of oxygen. They have been dubbed the “lungs of the ocean,” producing about 20 % of the oxygen we breathe–as much as all the rainforests combined. Their ornately-patterned silica cell walls are a source of inspiration for nanotechnologists, who dream of replicating similar structures for the semi-conductor industry. But despite their beauty, usefulness, and environmental importance, their basic biology is still poorly understood.....the rest of the article from CNRS

Radiolaria are holoplanktonic protozoa widely distributed in the oceans. They occur throughout the water column from near surface to hundreds of meters depth. As with many planktonic organisms, their abundance in a geographical region is related to quality of the water mass, including such variables as temperature, salinity, productivity, and available nutrients.More of the article from

Notion #1

What about a graffiti book? Multiple layers and colors.

What should it say? Idea, book, thing....

What kind of book? Dictionary perhaps.

Paper scraps

From the paper scraps of my book sculptures....

In the Air


Day & Night

Blex Bolex

Blex Bolex.

I own his book entitled Seasons.