Open studios

Two weeks ago the Nicholas Building had their open studio weekend. This event happens once a year for two days. Many of the artists in the building open their doors for several hours, allowing the public to invade their spaces. I can imagine is must feel a bit intrusive. I felt like I was walking around in someone's brain. I am very grateful to those who opened their doors. It allows the public to get a rare glimpse into a room that many would otherwise not get.

One of the studios I visited was Nicholas Jones. He is the book sculptor in Melbourne. I have to say that it was great being able to see so many of his works in person. He has had several exhibitions but I unfortunately have never been able to attend. This was even better than an exhibition because you could see all the works that were in progress as well as those that have been around for a while. You never know what someone will be like in real life. I have to say that Mr. Jones was very easy to talk and pleasant.

So in honor of the Nicholas Building Open Studio event I am sharing photos of my work area. Not very glamorous but here none the less.

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