Painting the Psalms: Block two

I have been working for sometime now on a painting of the Psalms. Here are the thoughts behind the painting, taken from our family blog.

I began to ponder what one of the more emotional (to put it lightly) books of the Bible would look like as a painted infograph? And here I find myself with my newest study or research. A painting or infograph of the emotions found in the Book of Psalms.

I have decided to go Psalm by Psalm and write down every emotion mentioned. Then I will assign a color or mix of colors to represent that emotion. Finally I will paint line by line each Psalm with the corresponding emotional colors. So each line is a Psalm and each color on that line represents one emotion. Some Psalms have six or so colors, others only one.

There could be two layers to this painting. The lower layer could be the emotional undercurrent found in a particular Psalm and the top layer would be specific emotions mentioned. For my project I have decided to only paint the later.  I have completed a few tests as well as the background for the canvas. We will see how it goes from here.

Last night I finished block two, so Psalms 26 - 50. It is taking a lot longer than I thought. I get sidetracked on other projects. Now that the soccer season is over I have a lot more time in the evening. I would really like to finish this by the end of the year. Here is what the two blocks look like together.

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