My good friend and I have finally organized an Etsy shop.

Click here to visit.

There are still some items to list and  Facebook page to be made. We are slowly getting things together.

It seems are items are concentrated around painting, drawing, and sculptures. But every now and then there could be a few items from left field that enter the shop. You know, just to mix things up a bit.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


Notions #3

So for the past two months I have had three pieces of bark laying on the floor underneath a stack of World Book encyclopedias.

Two months ago our family went for some walks around Toolangi. There was some great bark on the ground that looked perfect for painting on.

Bark looks like it might be difficult to work with. As the bark dries it curls, hence all of the words starting at So - Z that World Book deemed acceptable sitting on top of them.

Finally most, if not all, of the moisture has evaporated and I think it should be ready to go.

The only thing I need now is paint, acrylic to be exact. At least that is what the Google search seemed to indicate.

I think I know what I want to paint on the pieces. I should probably do a few sketches first just to make sure.

There's my notion for the day. Hopefully something will materialize soon.

Suberbly Wordy Fairly Wrens

Often when we are out hiking around Dixons Creek we will see the Superb Blue Fairy wrens flitting about. We love them. They are little blue and black puff balls. Whats not to love?

Here are my versions. Named the Superbly Wordy Black Fairy wrens.